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The Cambridge Primary School

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Primary School

The Colour Monster

The children have all listened to the story ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. It is a Story about a Colour Monster who is a mix of colours. His friend, a little girl, takes him through each colour to help him understand how he is feeling.

We have used the idea in the story to help the children with their emotional development. There are large colour monster displays containing pictures and words in each classroom so the children can add their name card to the emotion they are feeling. At a point during the day, an adult will offer to discuss how the child is feeling, particularly if the emotion is a negative one.  

The displays give children the language to help them describe and express how they are feeling which is such an important part of their emotional development.

A small version of the Colour Monster display is available to download below. Your child can make their own name label for it and even include other family members.