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The Cambridge Primary School

The Cambridge

Primary School

Subject Reports

As a new and growing school, we are at an exciting stage of our journey; to create, develop and grow our unique curriculum - inspired by, written and implemented to reflect our school community. 

Subject reports are completed annually, in January, by the subject leaders at the school. The purpose of a subject report is to:

  • Review, refine and share the vision and intent for that aspect of the curriculum
  • Review, explore and summarise how the subject area is implemented and taught across the school, this includes the rationale and reasoning for key decisions
  • Review the impact of this aspect of the curriculum, including reviewing data, considering the monitoring in place to ensure a high standard and how the subject is reflected in the culture of the school
  • Outline and celebrate the actions, steps and successes within that aspect of the curriculum across the previous academic year
  • Plan and set targets for the success of that aspect of the curriculum to grow across the following year, enabling budgets to reviewed

These subject reports are presented to the Local Advisory Committee in the spring term and added to the school website, for all stakeholders to see.