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The Cambridge Primary School

The Cambridge

Primary School

Policies & Documents

Please see below for our latest school policies.

  1. Accessibility Policy 2020.PDF File

  2. Administering Medicine Policy 2020.PDF File

  3. Adverse Weather Policy.PDF File

  4. Anti-Bullying Policy 2018.PDF File

  5. Anti-Bullying Policy 2019 (Child Friendly).PDF File

  6. Attendance Policy 2020.PDF File

  7. Behaviour Policy 2018.PDF File

  8. CCTV Policy 2020.PDF File

  9. Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2020.PDF File

  10. Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Visitors 2020.PDF File

  11. Complaints-Against-The-Curriculum-2018.PDF File

  12. Complaints-Procedure-Policy-2018.PDF File

  13. Coronavirus Preventing and Managing Sickness.PDF File

  14. Curriculum-Policy-2018.PDF File

  15. Data Protection Policy Subject Access Request 2019-2020.docx MB updated KCSIE 24.06.2020.V2 pdf.PDF File

  16. Designated Teacher Policy 2020.PDF File

  17. E-Safety and Internet Use Parent and Pupil Policy (Reception) 2019.PDF File

  18. Early Years Policy 2020.PDF File

  19. EEEA Data Breach Policy 2019.PDF File

  20. EEEA Data Retention Policy 2019-2020.PDF File

  21. EEEA Freedom of Information Policy & Publication Scheme 2019-2020.PDF File

  22. EEEA Pensions Discretions Policy 2018.PDF File

  23. EEEA Scheme of Delegation Approved 2019 - 2021.PDF File

  24. EEEA Whistleblowing Policy 2019-2021 CPS.PDF File

  25. Equality Policy 2018.PDF File

  26. Essential Visitors to our school during Covid-19 Pandemic June 2020.PDF File

  27. Exclusion Policy 2020.PDF File

  28. Intimate-Care-and-Toileting-Policy-2018.PDF File

  29. Online Safety Policy 2020.PDF File

  30. Prevent Duty Extremism and Radicalisation Safeguarding Guidance Policy 2020.PDF File

  31. Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents 2019.PDF File

  32. Reception Home School Partnership Agreement 2020.PDF File

  33. School Visitors Policy 2019.PDF File

  34. SEND Policy 2020.PDF File

  35. Separated Parent Policy 2019.PDF File

  36. Teaching and Learning Policy 2020.PDF File

  37. Peer on Peer Abuse Policy 2020.PDF File