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The Cambridge Primary School

The Cambridge

Primary School


Ofsted last inspected The Cambridge Primary School in September 2022 and rated the school 'Good' in all areas. This was our first graded inspection since opening in September 2018.

A Summary of The Report

Cambridge Primary School has been described by Ofsted as vibrant, welcoming, and safe. Pupils feel proud and special, and they respect and celebrate differences. The school provides various opportunities for learning and extracurricular activities and the report highlights the effective safeguarding measures in place, with staff well-trained and vigilant.

What is it like to be a student at The Cambridge? Our OFSTED inspection highlighted our exceptional students and our commitment to their learning and development.

The Cambridge Primary School, celebrated as a vibrant and welcoming school in its latest Ofsted inspection! Our pupils are proud of their school, and it shows in their happy demeanour and warm greetings to visitors. At The Cambridge, everyone is made to feel special. Our recent awarding of 'Good' highlights what it is like being a student here and showcases our values and passion for our students, as demonstrated below.

Prioritising safety and wellbeing: We prioritise the safety and well-being of our students. They trust our adults to help them with any worries and bullying is not tolerated. Our leaders act swiftly if behaviour expectations are not met. Breakfast club and healthy lunches helps give students that positive start and energy for their day.

"The school rules of ‘be safe, be respectful, be ready’ help pupils to be kind and responsible."

"Many pupils enjoy breakfast alongside friends and the caring staff in ‘The Nest’ before school.

Celebrating Difference together: Respecting and celebrating differences is important to us. Our students enjoy learning about each other's faiths and beliefs. Pupils care about equality. They believe that ‘you should be an upstander, not a bystander’ and always help others. Pupils understand democracy and the school’s values. They know how to stay safe when online.

"Pupils relish the opportunity to be school councillors. They value democracy and fairness when they run elections."

"They explore tolerance, respect and understanding through well-considered concepts such as ‘belonging’. "

Activities and clubs the students love: We offer various after-school clubs, including 'careers clubs' where our students can explore being 'little chefs', scientists, and fashion designers. During lunchtimes, our students keep active with football, basketball, running, and dancing. We provide free sports opportunities and activities like 'resilient runners' and circuit training are well attended before school. These experiences contribute to boosting our students' health and well-being.

"These opportunities inspire pupils with greater aspirations for the future."

"The atmosphere around school is positive and harmonious....Playtimes are happy, sociable and safe. Pupils stay active and enjoy playing together. Many choose to eat healthy hot lunches and salads that are freshly prepared at school."

Success in our curriculum: Our subject leaders are passionate and continually develop their expertise with a well-planned curriculum in all subjects. One highlight is our staff's dedication to helping students become confident readers. We create an exciting environment with special storytelling sessions and mystery readers. We have a phonics program that teaches students the order of letter sounds, starting in early years. We provide books that match their lessons.

"When pupils find it hard to meet teachers’ high expectations, specific strategies are in place to help them settle in class and access learning."

Exciting Events: Our leaders organise exciting events such as outdoor cinema nights and sleepovers at school, which our students adore. We are proud that our parents and carers hold our school in high regard, with one parent stating, "This school has helped pull the community together."

"Governors and trustees share school leaders’ high expectations for an inclusive learning community."

Join us at Cambridge Primary, and our wonderful school community.

You can read the full report by clicking the link below.