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The Cambridge Primary School

The Cambridge

Primary School

Learning Characteristics (BICO)

We consider it is of vital importance that children learn and develop positive characteristics as individuals alongside academic knowledge and skills. These are qualities that will ensure they continue to learn and thrive throughout their school life and beyond.

We will foster the school’s own characteristics of being;

“Do pupils have the chance to face challenges, celebrate mistakes and develop resilience and self-confidence?”



“Are there opportunities to express individualism?”



“Can pupils work alongside others in a supportive climate?”



“Are pupils able and willing to steer their own learning?”

All aspects of our school life, provide opportunities for the children to develop and apply these characteristics to all they do, from learning to interactions.

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Children are supported to recognise, demonstrate and enhance their individual talents as a process of developing self-confidence. Challenges faced are celebrated and discussed daily during learning reflection time in the supportive and positive environment we strive to create. This will encourage the children to develop the resilience to attempt challenge, solve problems and to keep trying with a task despite experiencing difficulties


Children are given the chance to express individualism in their learning so they become creative, independent thinkers. As their confidence grows, children are guided to find more than one way to complete a task or solve a problem; to be creative through different media and resources and to evaluate what they have done and modify accordingly.


Children have opportunities to work and play alongside others as partners, in small groups and as a class. As members of the wider school community, children can work together in the School Council and on other projects. They will begin to learn the value and skills of working together towards a common goal. This characteristic is developed through the modelling of warm, respectful relationships and positive attitudes towards diversity. Stereotypical ideas are challenged and all families are welcomed, valued and respected equally which fosters a sense of belonging. Children are subsequently supported to develop a positive sense of their own identity and culture in addition to respect for others, including those with beliefs, cultures and opinions different to their own.


Children are encouraged to steer their own learning across all areas through the choices they make. This is supported through guidance that regularly prompts simple self-reflection and evaluation. The children can choose what, how and where they play and learn; the resources that will help them; the amount of challenge they are ready for and risks they want to take. They will take increasing responsibility for initiating their own lines of enquiry and investigation. Children are also encouraged to take ownership of their behavioural choices. To help them stay safe, they are educated about rules and boundaries; why we have them and why we should follow them. Within the safe environment of The Cambridge Primary School, we encourage the children to make choices, take responsibility for their choices, whilst teaching them to recognise and avoid hazards.