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The Cambridge Primary School

The Cambridge

Primary School


Being a Governor is a rewarding and effective way of making a voluntary contribution to your community and to the lives of local, young people. Trust Governors are appointed by the Governing Body and have a keen interest in the school.

Governors are strategic leaders in schools. Governors meet regularly and include parents, staff and community representatives.

The Head teacher is accountable to the Governing Body whose role is to set the aims and objectives of the school (together with the head teacher) in line with national guidelines and to monitor progress.

Have you got:

  • An interest in the success of The Cambridge Primary School?
  • An interest in our children’s future?
  • Time, energy and enthusiasm?
  • A desire to make a difference?
  • Readiness to accept responsibility?
  • An ability to work as a team?
  • Are you happy to ask questions, listen and learn?

Our governors will be able to work with the EEEAcademy Trust to ensure the children and families of the Cambridge Primary School receive an education that is world class. If you are interested in becoming one of our Governors, please download and complete our Governor Application Form and email it to