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The Cambridge Primary School

The Cambridge

Primary School


“Every child deserves a champion, an adult who insists that they become they best they can possibly be” 

Rita Pierson [1951-2013], Educator

Our Curriculum Intent
Learning should be purposeful, engaging, fun, and lifelong

We are committed to Inspiring Minds Together; providing a curriculum with breadth that allows all of our children to progress and achieve. They will feel prepared for 'life beyond The Cambridge' with a passion for learning ignited.

Purposeful | At The Cambridge Primary, our curriculum and learning is driven by skills. The opportunities, experiences, topics and activities are chosen and planned to nourish, deepen and progress skills.

All children start their journey with a natural curiosity. At The Cambridge, we believe that all children have the right to learning, experiences and interactions which maintain that natural curiosity and love of learning as they continue through the school. Teachers and Support Staff are merely facilitators in their learning, enabling them to access the opportunities. Learning is carefully planned to ensure it builds, connects and strengthens previous learning, both across the curriculum and to the community and world they live in; making their learning relevant and inspiring. 

Engaging | Whilst the implementation of the curriculum is planned to ensure progression, connection and development, these topics and learning opportunities are adapted to suit the interests and needs of the children, ensuring that the learning is child-directed.

Fun | Scientific research suggests that superior learning takes place when classroom experiences are enjoyable and relevant. At The Cambridge Primary, we seek innovative and ways to ensure learning is memorable. The use of ‘Hook Days’, enrichment (inside and outside the school day) and real life problems create accessible opportunities for all children to develop and apply their skills, knowledge and learning characteristics.

Lifelong | Our curriculum is about preparing and equipping pupils with skills and qualities they can take beyond The Cambridge Primary. Growth mind set is a key aspect of our learning culture; enabling pupils to identify and celebrate their strengths and areas for development, taking ownership of their learning and their whole development. In addition to the skills and knowledge, we promote our school’s learning characteristics (BICO) from YR to Y6; Brave, Innovation, Collaboration and Ownership. These are interwoven into our school culture, through learning, play, enrichment opportunities or interactions. 

Our definition of learning extends far beyond the academic achievements in reading, writing and maths. Many of our children face challenges and experiences, both before attending and whilst attending our school. These can impact on their social and emotional well-being, as well as their health. As a result, our curriculum takes their personal development and welfare into account and offers the flexibility necessary to ensure every child can flourish at, and beyond, The Cambridge Primary.