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The Cambridge Primary School

The Cambridge

Primary School

Covid-19 Information

Please find information below regarding the schools Covid-19 arrangements and communication.


Who is attending

Date attending from

Number attending (in pods of max. 15)

Wave 1

Critical Key Workers and Vulnerable children

March 23rd


Wave 2

Any Key Workers and Vulnerable children

June 1st


Wave 3

Any family who indicated they wanted their child to return prior to May half-term

June 8th

60 (approx.)

Wave 4

Any family now wishing for their child to return (you must let us know as and when your circumstance or decision changes)

June 15th onwards

Up to 90


Can I change the name of person I have listed for pick up and drop off at short notice?
Of course, just call the school and leave a message (option 1) so that the teachers know who they are expecting.


I will need to bring a younger sibling(s) to pick up/drop off – will this be a problem?
If you are coming by foot, we ask for younger siblings to be in a buggy/carrier if they are not able to respect social distancing guidelines due to their age/stage. Otherwise it may be best to come by car, that way neither you nor the sibling(s) need to get out of the car.

If we drop off by car, is it safe for my child to walk on his own from the car to the classroom?Yes. Mrs Kennedy (or another known member of staff) will meet your child at the car and watch them walk down the school path to the classroom door where a teacher will greet him. There will be other staff on hand to assist. If you have any individual concerns, please contact the school to discuss them.

Could we have a delayed start date to take a few weeks to decide on the risk?
Absolutely. If you do not feel comfortable returning on June 1st and would like more time to that is not a problem. When you complete the survey, select 'No (for now)'. If you change your mind at any point, that is fine - just let us know via this email address.

If we decide ‘yes’ to send our child back, could we reverse this decision at any point?
If you change your mind at any point, that is fine - just let us know via this email address.


Are the children going to continue working with their Learning Packs whilst in school?
Yes. The learning pack is to ensure equality and equity for those choosing to be at home or attending school. We wanted to ensure that parents' decisions to return to school is not based on a fear of them 'missing out' academically. Those children at school will be getting a different kind of input to those at home, but the work will be focused around the same objectives that those at home are working towards.

Those at school will have a daily routine of phonics, writing and maths (normal lessons) with continuous provision to build on these areas. This will be as similar as possible to the routine prior to schools closing, with adjustments made in line with government advice.

At school, with the teacher's knowledge and experience we can begin closing gaps for children attending school but we don’t want this to be an additional pressure for families to send them back if they don’t feel it to be safe for their family.  


Will pupils be learning more about 'Anxiety & Mental Health' rather than focusing on the curriculum?
We are aware that some children will have been more exposed to the news/conversations about the pandemic than others. Our aim is to keep things 'as normal as possible' at school for the children, but things will be different. It will be about addressing these differences and explaining them in an appropriate way, e.g. washing hands to stop germs spreading. Our response to anxiety and mental health will be on a more individual basis, it has to be - every family and child has had a different experience.


Will children be able to bring their own packed lunches?
Yes, they can bring packed lunch. However, we would encourage school dinners where possible (to reduce things coming in from home).


Will the Reception classes change to be a more formal learning environment with more seated learning and less free play?
Reception will complete learning tasks, sat at tables, in small groups with an adult. In between these learning points there will be an opportunity for continuous provision (free play). This has worked well in the school whilst we have been open to key worker children (approximately 15 children in a classroom) and we will continue to do this from the 1st June. 

Classroom tables have been set up in groups, e.g. two tables together to make a square, with 4 chairs positioned around to create space between the children.

This is a similar structure for Year 1, although their continuous provision will be built on National Curriculum objectives, as opposed to Early Years objectives.